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OlaTech LMS is the one stop destination for all your e-Learning needs. Digitalize your educational content with our Powerful Feature Rich LMS and our technology experts will assist you in the process

What Makes Us Unique

OlaTech Tailormade Solution

Exclusive Tailormade solution

Our powerful feature selector facilitates you to choose your own features and methods for a fully customized learning experience, based on your teaching style.

OlaTech Reliable AWS

Reliable with AWS backing

Powered by AWS, OlaTech LMS is amongst the world's most robust learning systems with scalable features, security and zero downtime of services.

OlaTech Smart Quiz Reports

Smart Quiz, Reports and Analytics

OlaTech LMS smart assessment system helps you track, evaluate, and keep a record of their performance in real- time.

Empowering Learning through Thought Proved solution

Learner Perspective

OlaTech Trainee

Curated BYOC

BYOC helps in achieving curated
content for Learners

OlaTech Education

Plethora of Activities

Quizes, Practicals, Checklists &
much more present under OlaTech LMS

OlaTech Government Icon

Smart Analytics

Detailed Reports that help you
succeed and rectify mistakes

OlaTech Solution Center

Trainer Perspective

OlaTech Partner

Automated Marking

Save time with automated marking

OlaTech Member

Streamlined Processes

Organized structure with streamlined
processes that ease trainer tasks

OlaTech Training Companies


Smart Reports that cultivate data
for learner feedbacks

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Now deliver your RTO training effortlessly with our feature-packed and customizable LMS.

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Turn your workforce into highly productive assets of your company with our best-in-class LMS designed to accelerate organizational learning.

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OlaTech LMS is fully customisable, highly advanced and very capable.