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Bring Your own content to OlaTech LMS

The Experience

BYOC empowers educators and organizations to tailor their learning experiences to the specific needs and preferences of their learners. They can incorporate content that aligns with their curriculum, industry, or training requirements, enhancing engagement and relevance. With OlaTech LMS we allow you the flexibility of BYOC

The Benefits

Leveraging existing resources through BYOC can potentially reduce the costs associated with content creation. Organizations can reuse and repurpose their own content or access free resources available online. OlaTech LMS helps you in achieving all this and reduce the operating costs efficiently

What OlaTech Offers

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AWS Cloud Hosting

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a comprehensive suite of cloud services and also provides scalability, reliability, security, and flexibility. With OlaTech LMS hosted on AWS, you get a reliable and secure platform with all scalable features

We have AWS certified experts that help us leverage great powers of AWS cloud. Your data is always protected and backed up to ensure maximum security with Zero downtime of services.

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OlaTech Industry Serve

Industry we serve

Provide several categories of courses

  • Vocational Education
  • Healthcare
  • Retail & Hospitality
  • Corporate
  • On Job Training

Benefits of choosing OlaTech

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OlaTech can be tailored based on your teaching strategies

Our powerful feature selector facilitates you to choose your own features and methods for a fully customized learning experience, based on your teaching style.

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LTI compatible platform with seamless integrations

OlaTech's platform is LTI compatible which means it conforms to cross-platform specifications and acts consistently across systems.

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Fast and reliable with Zero downtime

Powered by AWS, OlaTech LMS is amongst the world's most robust learning systems with scalable features, security and zero downtime of services.

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Features exclusively available in OlaTech LMS

Exclusive features such as group-based custom activity deadlines, custom reports, and interactive dashboards.

How OlaTech helps in making learning a better experience

OlaTech Group Learning

Group Learning

With OlaTech LMS, even make group learning possible. Our platform enables you to create student groups for class projects, discussion boards and seamless interaction through web-conferencing tools.

OlaTech Enrollment Management

Enrollment Management

Transform the way you manage admissions with our robust and automated enrollment system. OlaTech LMS provides you with a self-user enrollment feature which saves your vital time and resources.

OlaTech Smart Quiz, Reports and Analytics

Smart Quiz, Reports and Analytics

OlaTech LMS smart assessment system helps you track, evaluate, and keep a record of their performance in real- time. It also provides smart Reassessment feature with only incorrect marked questions to be answered and marked saving great time and effort

After sales support? We got you covered!

We build innovative products and blend them with top-notch service to make our client’s journey as smooth as possible. Our in-house product experts are always available to resolve any after-sale queries that you may have.

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