Welcome to the collaboration between Automotive Assessment Tools and OlaTech. Together, we aim to bring engaging learning content that harnesses your expertise in the automotive industry. This meticulous approach of resource development empowers us to deliver a diverse array of top-notch, regulatory-compliant learning materials.

In the event of an audit, rest assured that we are fully prepared to address and resolve any challenges that may arise during the same at no expense.

You can confidently lean on our Compliance Promise to effectively address any audit-related queries.

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This partnership brings together cutting-edge technology and deep automotive industry insights to revolutionize assessment practices in the automotive sector.

Why Choose Our E-Learning Automotive Resources?

We provide the white label software solutions, allowing businesses to offer cutting-edge technology under their own brand.


Streamlined Compliance Handling

We take care of your compliance needs, allowing you to focus on what you do best—delivering exceptional courses to your students. Our resources come equipped with compliance features that make meeting regulatory and accreditation requirements a breeze.


Expertise at Your Fingertips

Gain access to a dedicated Subject Matter Expert (SME) in the field of Automotive. Our SMEs provide invaluable insights into curriculum development, course content, and industry trends, ensuring your programs stay current and industry-relevant.


Dedicated LMS Support

Our committed LMS Support Officers are here to assist you with technical issues, troubleshooting, and ensuring the seamless operation of your Learning Management System (LMS). We're invested in delivering a flawless learning experience for both your students and instructors.


Audit-Ready Assistance

Face audits with confidence. Our e-learning resources and support are here to help you navigate any challenges that may arise during audits. We ensure your institution remains compliant and audit-ready.


Training for Staff

We provide unlimited LMS training to all your administrative and training staff. This means your team can confidently manage online courses and student data, leading to improved efficiency and productivity.


Collaborative Approach

We don't just offer resources; we function as an integrated team dedicated to fulfilling all your e-learning requirements and helping you achieve your educational goals. Together, we can deliver customized solutions and exceptional course outcomes.


Pay-Per-Enrolment Model

Choose our pay-per-enrolment model, an ideal option for minimizing your upfront investment in learning resources. It's a cost-effective approach, especially if your enrollment numbers vary throughout the year.

Discover Our Comprehensive Automotive Package

At OlaTech, we provide an all-encompassing package that empowers businesses to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions under their unique brand. Here's a glimpse of what our package includes:


Automotive Technology eBook

  • Access the fully integrated digital version of the 7th Edition eBook from Cengage.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in automotive technology.
  • Utilize a comprehensive digital resource for automotive education.


Extra Resources & Information

  • Expand your knowledge base with supplementary resources.
  • Access additional information to complement your automotive courses.
  • Enrich your educational offerings with valuable content.


Self-Learning Presentations

  • Empower learners to explore topics at their own pace.
  • Benefit from self-study PowerPoint presentations aligned with knowledge evidence.
  • Assess understanding through topic-wise self-study quizzes.


Written Assessment

  • Streamline assessment processes with diverse question types.
  • Enjoy the efficiency of automated scoring, reducing trainer time by 70-80 percent.
  • Enhance learning experiences with advanced features, including targeted reattempts for students and trainers.


Digital Job Cards & Tasks

  • Revolutionize practical classes with digital job cards and tasks.
  • Incorporate digital signatures, eliminating the need for PDF printing.
  • Enhance efficiency and environmental sustainability in automotive education.


Digital Assessor Checklist

  • Configure and manage the assessor checklist online.
  • Streamline assessment processes by marking digitally using an iPad.
  • Eliminate manual tasks and printing, optimizing practical classroom management.


Automated Grading & Feedback

  • Assess individual student performance with grades of 'satisfactory' or 'Not Satisfactory.'
  • Enjoy the convenience of automated overall feedback comments.
  • Customize feedback to align with your specific needs and educational objectives.


Advanced Reporting Features

  • Leverage advanced reporting capabilities to gain insights into student performance.
  • Access comprehensive data for informed decision-making.
  • Monitor progress, identify areas for improvement, and drive educational excellence.

How is OlaTech Cost-Effective

  • OlaTech List IconNO TO LMS Administrator : You can forego the necessity of hiring a dedicated LMS Administrator for Uploading courses or any other technical issues.
  • OlaTech List IconNo To Record Keeping room : Eliminate the requirement for maintaining a record room in your college.
  • OlaTech List IconNo to printer : Avoid the necessity of printing training materials for students, leading to significant savings in printing costs.
  • OlaTech List Iconsignificantly reduce trainer time by 70-80 percent