Fulfill aspirations by making learning easier with OlaTech LMS for RTOs

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Ola Aspire is a learning platform designed specifically for RTOs with unique capabilities

OLA Aspire is a cutting-edge features LMS designed for the RTOs, keeping in mind their specific needs.

Ola Aspire

Customization and branding

  • Olatech List IconBrand OLA Aspire as your own LMS by adding your logo and color scheme to it.
  • Olatech List IconGet your front page designed in WordPress, HTML, etc. for a personalized feel.
  • Olatech List IconObtain a custom domain that adds a finishing touch of branding to your LMS.
Ola Aspire

Automated Enrollment process

  • OlaTech List IconEnable students to enroll easily by filling up an online form.
  • OlaTech List IconReceive payments through a fully integrated payment gateway.
  • OlaTech List IconSend login credentials directly to the user's email ids immediately after enrollment.
Ola Aspire Enrollment

Smart assessment tools

  • OlaTech List IconSmart assessment for the trainer to save time during marking and evaluation. Ola Aspire make reattempt written assessment super easy for trainer and students.
  • OlaTech List IconOla Aspire offers competency based grading system with Formative and Summative assessment options.
  • OlaTech List IconCustomized grading methods
Ola Aspire LMS Smart Assessment

Competency based reporting

  • OlaTech List IconTrainer can mark full unit satisfactory or not yet satisfactory with learning feedback.
Ola Aspire Reporting

Benefits of choosing OlaTech

At OlaTech, we provide an all-encompassing package that empowers businesses to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions under their unique brand. Here's a glimpse of what our package includes:



  • Stay Informed : Keep students updated with the latest course info.
  • Enhanced Communication : Foster seamless trainer-learner interaction.


Collaborative Learning

  • Interactive Learning : Encourage engagement through group discussions.
  • Trainer-Learner Interaction : Facilitate meaningful exchanges.


Cover Sheet

  • Assessment Support : Simplify assessment declaration and evaluation.
  • Streamlined Process : Ensure clear assessment guidelines.


Competency-Based Grading

  • Precise Assessment : Evaluate skills based on competencies.
  • Enhanced Feedback : Provide comprehensive feedback with evidence.



  • Data-Driven Insights : Access detailed reports for informed decisions.
  • Customized Reports : Tailor reports to specific criteria.


Score Management

  • Efficient Scoring : Automate assessments and multiple attempts.
  • Instant Feedback : Access results and improve learning.


Instant Messaging

  • Real-Time Communication : Foster instant trainer-student communication.
  • Group Messaging : Facilitate group discussions effortlessly.


Microsoft & YouTube Integration

  • Productivity Tools : Integrate Microsoft Office for assignments.
  • Engagement Boost : Enhance learning with YouTube integration.

OlaTech LMS is fully customisable, highly advanced and very capable.