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Ola Upskill

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Ola Upskill Productivity

Gap analysis

  • OlaTech List IconOla Upskill analyses the gaps in learning that an employee needs to possess before applying for a higher role in the company. It even suggests the required courses that they can take up to reach their goals.
OlaTech Gap Analysis

Performance evaluation

  • OlaTech List IconWe make the appraisal procedure less hectic with our fact and evidence-based employee performance evaluation system.
OlaTech Evaluation

Our Guiding Principles

Remote learning

Enhance team performance by continuous learning through exceptional courses, even when they are working remotely.

Compliance training

Ensure that your employees complete their mandatory compliance training on time, every time with Ola Upskill.

Company growth

Every organization needs people who are in-sync with the current standards and needs of the business. With Ola upskill, you develop your employees and move towards better business results.

Process-oriented system

Ola upskill is a process-oriented system that delivers you quantitative results on employee evaluation and supports your business as well as human resource decisions.

Benefits of choosing OlaTech

At OlaTech, we provide an all-encompassing package that empowers businesses to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions under their unique brand. Here's a glimpse of what our package includes:


Enhanced Skill Development

  • Access a comprehensive library of skill development courses tailored to your industry.
  • Empower learners to acquire new skills and advance their careers.


Personalized Learning Paths

  • Tailor learning journeys for individual students based on their unique goals and needs.
  • Ensure students focus on skills that align with their academic aspirations and personal growth.


Insights for Improvement

  • Access detailed analytics on student progress and skill development.
  • Utilize data-driven insights to refine teaching strategies and course offerings.


Integration for Productivity

  • Seamlessly integrate with Microsoft tools for productive assignments.
  • Enhance engagement with YouTube integration for dynamic learning experiences.


Digital Job Cards & Tasks

  • Revolutionize practical classes with digital job cards and tasks.
  • Incorporate digital signatures, eliminating the need for PDF printing.
  • Enhance efficiency and environmental sustainability in automotive education.


Digital Assessor Checklist

  • Configure and manage the assessor checklist online.
  • Streamline assessment processes by marking digitally using an iPad.
  • Eliminate manual tasks and printing, optimizing practical classroom management.


Automated Grading & Feedback

  • Assess individual student performance with grades of 'satisfactory' or 'Not Satisfactory.'
  • Enjoy the convenience of automated overall feedback comments.
  • Customize feedback to align with your specific needs and educational objectives.


Advanced Reporting Features

  • Leverage advanced reporting capabilities to gain insights into student performance.
  • Access comprehensive data for informed decision-making.
  • Monitor progress, identify areas for improvement, and drive educational excellence.

OlaTech LMS is fully customisable, highly advanced and very capable.